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Rules of Golf​

Golf is a game of integrity and the OVGA works hard to ensure that all golfers have the opportunity to learn and understand the rules of golf and make sure that the rules are administered to the highest level in all OVGA events. With one of the largest regional pools of referees certified at Level 3 by Golf Canada  (highest possible level) in the country, the OVGA is proud to be able to offer such high level services.

2019 Rules of Golf

The Rules of Golf changed on January 1, 2019.  The changes affect everyone who plays the game and the Committees that set-up courses and administer tournaments.


To learn more about the changes or to obtain the new Rules of Golf publications or to access resources to help you as a Club Committee to mark your course or update your Local Rules or educate your members click here.


To access the R&A Committee Toolkit click here.

Contact for information regarding 2019 Rules of Golf Sessions.

Interested in Learning More About the Rules of Golf?

As the governing body of golf in Canada, Golf Canada has created a national Rules Education Program that leads to national certification as a Referee. The program is designed for all golfers wishing to improve their level of knowledge of the Rules of Golf.

Practical experience is part of the Referee certification process.  You can gain that experience by contacting the OVGA and getting involved with our Rules and Tournament Committees. Contact for more information.

Learn More:

  • Level I - provides an interesting and easy way to learn the basics of the Rules of Golf. This level will focus on Etiquette, the principle definitions and commonly encountered situations on the course. As part of the Level 1 program, students will be able to test their knowledge by taking the review questions at the end of each section before attempting the online Level 1 Exam.

  • Level II - (provincial certification) seminars will be conducted by provincial golf associations, and the curriculum will begin to look at the more important playing Rules in detail. Some of the complexities that are found in the Decisions book are introduced along while also implementing on-course demonstrations. Level 2 (Provincial) will be designed for individuals with an involvement in tournament administration, or a desire to have such an involvement.

  • Level III - (national certification) will consist of a three-day seminar run by Golf Canada. It serves to give guidance and advice on refereeing at the highest level. This program is intended for experienced referees who wish to improve both their technical and practical knowledge as a referee.

Do you have a rules question?

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