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Pace of Play Policy


Unreasonable Delay of  Play

Players are at all times subject to the provisions of Rule 5.6a "Unreasonable Delay of Play".  To encourage and enforce prompt play, the Committee should adopt a Local Rule setting a Pace of Play Policy. This Policy may set a maximum time to complete a round, a hole or series of holes and a stroke, and it may set penalties for not following the Policy.

  1. Adherence to the pace of play is the player's responsibility.

  2. Warnings will not necessarily be issued to slow groups.

  3. Advise a referee ASAP of a slow player in your group.

The OVGA has established a Group Pace of Play Policy for all non-shotgun stroke play championships, tournaments and match play qualifiers and an Individual Pace of Play Policy for Match Play and shotgun Stroke Play championships and tournaments.

2022 Group Pace of Play Policy.

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