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Ottawa Valley Golf Association
Hall of Fame

Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club (1908)
Rivermead Golf Club (1910)
Royal Ottawa Golf Club (1891)


Inducted: 2021

Category: Builder


The Ottawa Hunt & Golf Club, Rivermead Golf Club and Royal Ottawa Golf Club are inducted into the Ottawa Valley Golf Association Hall of Fame for their actions since 1921 in providing their golf courses for the majority of golf events in the area served by the 1921 Ottawa City and District Golf Association of the Province of Quebec Golf Association (PQGA), the 1948 Ottawa District Golf Association (ODGA) and as well the 1981 Ottawa Valley Golf Association (OVGA).


They also provided their golf courses during the war years to raise funds for the war effort and they also introduced the idea of bringing in to their Clubs professional golfers and celebrities to raise funds for charitable organizations in the Ottawa area.

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