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Ottawa Valley Golf Association
Hall of Fame

Mary Drummie 
Kanata, Irish Hills and Canadian Golf Clubs


Inducted: 2022

Category: Builder

Mary Drummie spent her life in and around golf. During her childhood she lived beside a golf course and was an active junior golfer. College summers were spent at the St. Croix Club in Maine, an international golf club on the border of Maine and New Brunswick. She married into a golfing family and moved to Fredericton, N.B., later to Halifax, N.S. and finally to Ottawa. Throughout this time, she continued to play golf and to undertake numerous and diverse club portfolios.


Upon arrival in Ottawa, she began working at the District level, again in several capacities including as the Ottawa District Vice-President (1982-83) and the Ottawa District President (1984-85). This ultimately led to the position of Quebec Vice-President in 1988-89 and the Quebec Branch Presidency in 1990-91. In 1993, she finally had a free summer and opted to be the Ladies Captain at her golf club, Kanata Lakes.


Living in the same city as the National Office (at the time), Mary volunteered her help on many occasions and was of invaluable assistance to the CLGA. With her years of experience at the club level and as President of the Quebec Branch, Mary brought a wealth of knowledge to her position as Vice-President of the CLGA in 1994-95. Mary became the CLGA National President in 1996 through 1997. In 1996, Mary was the non-playing captain of the Canadian World Team which played in the Philippines and also served on the Women's Committee of the World Amateur Golf Council. In 1997, she attended the International Golf Administrator's Meeting in St. Andrews, Scotland.


Mary was the driving force in relocating the National Office to Toronto and she was also a National Level Rules Official for many years working at tournaments around Ottawa, Quebec and Nationally. 


After Mary left the Kanata Golf Club, she was active on various committees at both the Irish Hills Golf Club and the Canadian Golf & Country Club.


Mary passed away in New Brunswick early in 2018.

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