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Ottawa Valley Golf Association
Hall of Fame

David (Davie) Lambie Black


Inducted: 2022

Category: Player (Professional)

Born: September 15, 1883

Birthplace: Troon, Scotland
Deceased: 1974


Golf Club Affiliation:

Rivermead Golf Club


Championship Record:

Runner-up: 1911 Canadian Open

CPGA (Now PGA of Canada): 1913,1919,1920,1920

Northwest Open: 1920 and 1922

Washington State Open: 1924

BC Open: 1928 & 1930


Halls of Fame:

Golf Canada: 1972

British Columbia: 2001

PGA of Canada: 2014



Information on Davie Black from Rivermead Golf Club's 75th Anniversary book - The First 75 Years by Reg Schroeter and Canadian Professional Golfers, The Scottish Invasion, 1881-1933 by James A. Barclay.

David Black.jpg

Davie Black left Scotland in 1906 and joined the Rivermead Golf Club in his 28th year in 1911 after stays at the Outremont and Ranelagh Golf Clubs in Montreal, Quebec. Davie soon spread his name and that of the Rivermead Golf Club throughout Canada's golf fraternity with his runner-up finish in the 1911 Canadian Open and his CPGA wins in 1913, 1919, 1920 and 1921.


Davie moved to the Shaughnessy Heights Golf Club in Vancouver, BC in early 1920, retiring from that Club in 1945.


One of the founders and captain of the Canadian Professional Golfers Association, he died in March, 1974 at 90 years of age.


Under the heading of "Vancouver's Little Iron Man," the Chicago Golfer wrote this in 1923. Davie is living proof of the well-known fact that size does not count particularly in golf. Dave is only five feet, five inches tall and weighs 153 pounds, but he gets off a long ball, plays a "long head" and has demonstrated to many a golf Goliath that he was not inappropriately named David.

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