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Ottawa Valley Golf Association
Hall of Fame

Andy Nezan


Inducted: 2022

Category: Player (Amateur)

Born: 1926

Birthplace: Ottawa
Deceased: 1997


Golf Club Affiliation:

Chaudiere and Rivermead Golf Club


Provincial Championships:

Quebec Amateur (1964 / 1965)

Father & Son (Greg) - 1978

Local Championships:

City & District (1960 / 1974)

City & District Match Play (1959/1964/1970/1976/1977)

Senior Championship (1983/1990)

4 Ball with Glen Seely (1965/1966/1968)



Gil O' Julien Trophy (1960)

Ottawa Sports Award Golfer and Athlete of the Year (1964)

Le Droit, Charles D'Aoust French Athlete of the Year (1965/1966)

Ottawa Sports Hall of Fame (1986)



IAndy Nezan profile information from the May, 2009 edition of Flagstick Golf Magazine

Andy Nezan 2.jpg

Andy passed away in 1997, but his legacy continues in the collected memories of friends and record books. His prowess at the game of golf is legendary, as his record will attest. Through five decades from the middle 1950’s and into 1990, Andy was arguably the most consistent winner of golf tournaments throughout the Ottawa Valley.


But, as much as Andy was a multi-time winner of golf events, he was also, to coin a popular phrase, “The Man”. Andy's golf record could have been so much more but he had a family and work came first. Such was Andy’s dedication to his family and work that after his Quebec Amateur wins in 1964 and 1965, Andy had to turn down invitations to represent the Province of Quebec on the Willingdon Cup teams. In private industry, it was no work – no pay and a week away at the Canadian Championships wouldn’t help the bottom line.


After Andy bought the company, he was able to play on the 1969 Quebec Willingdon Cup team at the Westmount golf club in Kitchener, Ontario along with team-mates Graham Cooke, Don Davidson and Don Rioux; after all he was now the boss.


Graham Cooke, arguably one of Canada’s top golfers and golf course designers had the following to say about his old and dear friend. “Playing a golf game with Andy Nezan was always very special. You always knew that you were in for a long hard fought match. However, for me it was Andy's genuine nature and enduring friendship that impressed me the most. Andy embraced this fine sport and brought a sky full of sunshine to so many. He competed hard, he competed with passion. I miss his smile and his heartfelt encouragement."


Andy also gave back to the golf community by serving on many committees at the Rivermead Golf Club and as a Director of the Quebec Golf, the Ottawa District Golf and the Ottawa Valley Golf Associations.


There’s an old phrase that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Rose “The Rose of Rivermead” Nezan passed away in her 80th year in 2008. Andy and Rose both grew up in the Village, married in 1947 and she was that great woman. As Greg Nezan tells the story, “Rose handled the household finances and kept Andy on the straight and narrow. They were a great team.”

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