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Player Code of Conduct

(Printable copy of the Player Code of Conduct)

In order to continue to make OVGA Tournaments an enjoyable experience for everyone, the OVGA requires that all of the participants in its tournaments adhere to certain standards set out in this Policy.



  • 1. The following terms have these meanings in this Code:

    • “Player” means any Player in an OVGA Tournament and that player’s caddie.

    • “OVGA Tournament” means any golf tournament conducted by the OVGA.

    • “Golf Course” means the golf course at which an OVGA Tournament is played, and includes any related practice or locker room areas.

    • “Golf Facility” means a facility at which an OVGA Tournament is being held, and includes any related Golf Course, food service facility or other amenity associated with such a facility.

    • “Junior Player” means any Player who is under the age of 19 at the commencement of the relevant competition.


Scope and Application

  • 2. This Code applies to all Players including Junior Players and sets out the behavior they are expected to abide by while participating in OVGA Tournaments.


On the Course

  • 3. While on the Golf Course during an OVGA Tournament , all Players:

    • Will strictly adhere to the Rules of Golf;

    • Will refrain from using abusive or profane language;

    • Will refrain from displays of temper (such as throwing clubs);

    • Will complete all competitive rounds of golf, unless otherwise approved by the OVGA Tournament Committee;

    • Will adhere to the Dress Code during practice and competitive rounds;

    • Will demonstrate respect for Tournament Committee members, Referees, spectators, fellow Players, and members and staff of the Golf Facility at which the OVGA Tournament is being held;

    • Will not demonstrate any conduct unbecoming of an OVGA Member.


Off the Course

  • 4. While off the Golf Course, Players:

    • Will not be associated with vandalism;

    • Will not demonstrate abusive behavior to Tournament Committee members, Referees, fellow Players, staff or members of the Golf Facility at which the OVGA Tournament is being held or any member of the general public;

    • Will avoid any other conduct unbecoming of an OVGA Member.



Use of Tobacco, Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, Alcohol , Marijuana and Illicit Drugs

  • 5. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment at OVGA Tournaments:

    • Junior Players will NOT use illicit drugs, tobacco, electronic nicotine delivery systems, marijuana or alcohol at a Golf Facility, whether on or off the Golf Course;

    • Players Other Than Junior Players :

      • Will NOT use illicit drugs whether on or off the Golf Course;

      • Will NOT use cannabis on the Golf Course or at the Golf Facility on any day of OVGA Tournament play.

      • While playing in any OVGA Tournament designated alcohol free, usually those sanctioned by Golf Ontario or Golf Quebec, will not use, cannabis, alcohol on the Golf Course or at the Golf Facility during times when play is suspended but anticipated to resume before nightfall.

      • Will refrain from using tobacco or electronic nicotine delivery systems at a Golf Facility except in designated areas and subject to Golf Facility policy.

Dress Code

  • 6. The OVGA requires that proper attire be worn at all times while attending a Golf Facility for an OVGA Tournament.  Players are required to abide by the dress code policy of the host Golf Facility.


Policy Violations

  • 7. The OVGA Tournament Committee may assess any or all of the following penalties under Rule 1.2, based on the severity and frequency of the violation: warning, one penalty stroke, general penalty, disqualification.

  • 8. In addition to penalties that may be imposed under Rule 1.2, the OVGA Tournament Committee may impose one or more of the following Tournament disciplinary actions based on the severity of the violation:

    • Letter of warning to any Player and/or the parents/guardians of a Junior Player;

    • Disqualification from future OVGA tournaments for which a Player is otherwise eligible;

    • Rejection of a Player’s selection for OVGA teams;

    • Suspension of OVGA membership, either for a specific period of time or indefinitely. Any Player whose membership is under suspension will not be considered for post-season rankings, exemptions for future tournaments, or selection for teams representing the OVGA.


Right of Appeal

  • 9. If the OVGA Tournament Committee imposes disciplinary action 8 b), c) or d), that Player has the right to appeal that action by submitting a letter of appeal to the OVGA.

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